November 12, 2009

:: le ballon rouge ::

i was probably in 5th grade. maybe 3rd or 4th, but no later than 5th. it was a wednesday night. (right now i feel like that woman oprah had on who could tell you the day if you told her a date or she could give you the date of specific, even insignificant, events in her life.) i don't recall what we normally did at church on those wednesday nights that year, but i do know that this night strayed from the norm. we moved into a different room - the one where the elders (or was it the deacons? i always get those confused) met. across from what is now the ladies room. and we watched the red balloon.

and i loved it.

it was years before i developed a love for france. years before i had the chance to go, to walk through those very same streets that pascal and his helium filled friend explored. in fact, when i first traveled to france in 1995 i felt a sense of deja vu in one particular area. i didn't think much of it then, but years later came to realize why. in my youth, in a darkened room where the elders (or deacons) met, i had wandered through those streets. i knew those streets. i've never forgotten that short film and i don't think i've seen it since that night.

but i love it. and this image looks like a memory to me.

November 09, 2009

:: hello, yellow ::

November 03, 2009

:: might turn you on ::

i can boldy think that i don't want to fear. but i'm silent. i boldy live, but i do not always boldly speak. i cower behind a veil of timidity and "space." under the guise of not interfering. my fear wears many excuses, but it's still fear. God, enable me - motivate me - to speak your word...boldly.

i've made the most of love

you get a brand new chance in a brand new town
and if I don't hear what they whisper about me
i might turn you on to something i've found

silence. priceless. silence.
the only way we talk.

from "houdini's angels" by 7 mary 3