April 27, 2011

:: a truth about me ::

i have a tendency to equate "like" and "love" with "doesn't get on my nerves as much as other people."

April 25, 2011

:: i've got a crush on you ::

or him, rather.

this post title led me to this, which is about to lead to me re-enacting that awesome knee-shaking dance move. why don't people ever do the "crush on you dance" like they do the electric slide and such?


:: so funny ::

April 18, 2011

:: form over function ::

when i was in new york last may i stopped in bloomingdale's, pretty sure i would just look around and leave empty handed. but then i found an adorable pair of gray suede oxfords on the clearance rack. i can't remember exactly, but i know they were under $40 (and were regularly over $100). i bought them. and though i've only worn them a few times, i'm looking forward to pulling them back out and sporting them this spring. this picture i just came across is the perfect motivation for that!
atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com via gap-mag.com

i have the jacket and shoes - now to find the perfect button down shirt and cute little dress!

(but here's my problem: if it's cool enough for me to be wearing 3-4 layers up top (shirt, dress, shirt, jacket) then it's most likely too cold for me to be bare-legged. so i'm not really sure how practical this look is for me, as my personal style most often focuses more on function (usually related to temperature) over form.)

April 06, 2011

:: before i die ::

start with
change it into
then it becomes
see additional images and learn more about before i die (and much more, including i wish this was) at candychang.com.

April 05, 2011

:: my weekend in photos ::

01. a very windy day at the car wash - finally washed away the sand & salt from our snow (/ice) storms!

02-03. the perils of gardening: a busted faucet and a new pet.

04. spotted this dark red flower in the gully behind my house, amid a bunch of ivy. went closer to see what it was and noticed its awesome camouflage leaves. part of me doesn't want to find out what it is to maintain the mystique. (but part of me really wants to know!)

April 01, 2011

:: either one of them things will do ::

i can't get "jolene" out of my head this week. a combination of corey's visit to spokane on monday and the cold, gray rain we've been having here for the past few days. one brought the song to mind, the other won't let it go.

i go back and forth between ray lamontagne and zac brown band:


(a little more) hopeful.