April 18, 2011

:: form over function ::

when i was in new york last may i stopped in bloomingdale's, pretty sure i would just look around and leave empty handed. but then i found an adorable pair of gray suede oxfords on the clearance rack. i can't remember exactly, but i know they were under $40 (and were regularly over $100). i bought them. and though i've only worn them a few times, i'm looking forward to pulling them back out and sporting them this spring. this picture i just came across is the perfect motivation for that!
atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com via gap-mag.com

i have the jacket and shoes - now to find the perfect button down shirt and cute little dress!

(but here's my problem: if it's cool enough for me to be wearing 3-4 layers up top (shirt, dress, shirt, jacket) then it's most likely too cold for me to be bare-legged. so i'm not really sure how practical this look is for me, as my personal style most often focuses more on function (usually related to temperature) over form.)

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  1. I have a pair too (black and high heeled) and never wear them. I have a problem with the severe looks they naturally have and I haven't quite been able to make them look casual, except with some gaiters and a skirt or with a pair of jeans.