October 30, 2010

:: more ombre ::

lily aldridge does ombre so well.
hudson jeans photostream & patrickmcmullan.com

more ombre from marc by marc jacobs.
[click image for video, link for collection]

October 29, 2010

October 27, 2010

:: jcrew neutrals ::


:: hanky ring ::

this is so creative. so pretty. so neat. just adorable. click image for details (or to purchase for me! tee hee).

missnovemberstudio.etsy.com via bluemossgirls.blogspot.com

October 26, 2010

:: my new shirt ::

i picked up this top a couple of weeks ago at pitaya in athens, ga and since i got home, we've had this freakishly warm october weather (yay!), so i haven't had a chance to wear it. while i'm not looking forward to the next cold snap, at least i can look forward to wrapping up in this super soft, warm and cozy shirt. my favorite part is that the draped back can double as a hoodie!

i wish the pitaya online store did the clothes more justice. every time i've been there i've found something to take home and the prices are completely reasonable.

October 25, 2010

:: growing up and up ::

i am afraid of heights. terrified, for the most part.

this home is beautiful and amazing, yet i'd be nervous just standing in the middle of the biggest room. i can't imagine growing up here! (which makes me ponder "nature vs nurture" with relation to acrophobia.) be sure to click on the link to read the whole story and see more photos.

:: more mingta photography likes ::


:: love this guy ::

October 22, 2010

:: cute quilts ::

i really like the look of these quilts. modern, fresh, bright...and my fav colors.
carsontoo.etsy.com via youaremyfav.com
[click image for direct link]

:: fall fashion ::


effortless comfort in a lovely rust colored maxi dress. a trend that is often more miss than hit and not one that i'm likely to try.

October 14, 2010

:: OP and the sart ::

i briefly alluded to my little olivia palermo crush a while back. while many think she's a jerk on the hills, i just love seeing still shots of her on (many, many) fashion blogs and websites. and today, two favs collide and it makes me so happy. the perfect motivation for my inaugural OP post.

i have a very hard time believing that that is her bike. or that she is going to ride it in that outfit and those shoes.

:: breast cancer ::

we're halfway through breast cancer awareness month. i could try to find another way to pay tribute to that, but why would i when this video does it so incredibly well?

please consider making a donation to the american cancer society and make strides against breast cancer. they provide counseling, services - including wigs for those who have lost their hair due to chemo treatments - and so much more. you can even donate directly to your local office.

October 13, 2010

:: pantry raid - thai soup ::

i've had a craving for some thai soup lately, so i stopped by the store on my way home from work to pick up emongrass and veggies to make tom yum goong, a sweet & spicy soup with shrimp. you could also make tom yum gai (with chicken) or just tom yum (no meat).
as usual, i don't have a true recipe, but i'll do my best to tell you what i used, how much and how i put it all together.

i started with a medium sauce pan and moved up to a large pot because i figured i'd make a lot and have it for giveaways and leftovers.

ingredients needed:
+ lemongrass
+ basil
+ chili pepper
+ ginger
+ cilantro
[for each of the above, i like to use the tubes that are found in the produce section. the pastes/tubes just make for super easy storage, measuring and clean up.]
+ low sodium vegetable stock
+ fish sauce
+ minced garlic
+ 3-4 (or more) stalks green onion
+ lime leaves [i didn't have any, but i used a splash of lime juice & a little more basil for some punch]
+ shrimp [i used peeled & de-veined cooked frozen shrimp - tails removed]

those are the basics. you can leave out the fish sauce and shrimp for a vegan version.

i also used:
+ canned bamboo shoots [wish i'd done bean sprouts instead]
+ canned baby corn
[i only used about 1/3 of the can of each of the above. saved the rest for stir fry later this week.]
+ fresh snow peas
+ fresh asparagus

put the following in a large pot (in order) over medium to high heat:
4ish cups of vegetable stock
1-2 cups of water
2 tablespoons fish sauce
baby corn
bamboo shoots
green onion
lime leaves or lime juice or lime zest (or combination)

to that, add (in any order):
note: the following things are very roughly measured. as in, i just squeezed some from the tube and am now guessing how much that was. and i'm not good with estimating measurements. start on the small end and add more as needed. sorry. it's really hard to mess this up, because you can always add more water or stock to dull it if need be.
2-3 tbsp lemongrass
1/2 tbsp chili sauce [be careful - it can go from mild to hot pretty quickly with this!]
1-2 tbsp basil
1 tbsp cilantro
1 tbsp garlic
1-2 tbsp ginger

stir together. taste. add a little salt & pepper as needed. (i did a tablespoon or so of pepper and maybe 2 teaspoons of salt, max. i don't like salt, but it's good to bring the flavors out.) how does it taste? do you want it spicier? add more chili pepper. want it to have more of that lemony tartness? add more lemongrass. need more sweetness? add basil. you can taste all of the flavorings alone to see what each brings to the dish and determine what you're missing and what you need to add.

once you get the broth where you like it, add the snow peas, asparagus and shrimp. (i save these for the end because the shrimp is cooked and only has to thaw and i like my snow peas & asparagus with some bite to them.)

once the shrimp has completely warmed through, you're ready to serve. the longer this sits, the better it tastes.

this post has not been proofread, so please excuse any typos you might find! i just wanted to hurry and get it up before i slacked off.

October 12, 2010

:: gap update ::

an update to the gap logo saga i mentioned earlier this week.

October 11, 2010

:: halloweenspiraton ::

some of my favorite (whether good, bad or whacky) costumes, outfits and photos from the vogue paris 90th anniversary masquerade party.

head gear
left: anna dello russo
right: diane vo
n furstenberg

the model life
left: karolina kurkova
right: natalia vodianova

a family affair
left: carine roitfeld, editor-in-chief of vogue paris (the hostess) with her son, vladimir
right: carine's more modestly dressed daughter, julia restoin-roitfeld with her beau
i can only imagine julia and vlad were thinking,"mo-o-o-m, close the cape!"

kooky by design
left: giambattista valli with elena perminova
right: jean paul gaultier with suzy menkes

photos: getty, wireimage, wenn via trendland.net

:: worth doing ::

via nickholmes.tumblr.com

October 08, 2010

:: malling. mauling ::

gap launched its new logo earlier this week and so far, the response is less than stellar. from the looks of things across the web - from design blogs to the gap facebook page - the reviews won't be getting any better. there are even rumors that this is all just a marketing stunt, drawing more traffic to the gap's website and facebook page. (i did notice that while they've change the logo on the website, the favicon is still sporting the old logo.) people really just hate this new look.

so much so that the folks at gap have not only heard the cries but are dropping hints that they might do something about it:
"Now, given the passionate outpouring from customers that followed, we've decided to engage in the dialogue, take their feedback on board and work together as we move ahead and evolve to the next phase of Gap."
gap president, marka hansen, at the huffington post

i'm interested in seeing what transpires (if anything). i love the idea of a customer created logo for a brand as old and established as gap.

and in similar fashion (get it - "fashion"? har), belk has also announced a re-branding, turning their 43 year old logo into a much more modern, youthful wordmark. i like the fresh, new look, but have to admit that i'll sort of miss the old traditional logo that's been around as long as i have (+11)!

more information available at underconsideration.com/brandnew.
just click on an image for the direct link.

October 05, 2010

:: tale of two cities ::

this reminded me of you. and that idea i had to decorate the walls of your new tent with the dates and locations of all of our camping trips. we only used it once and we forgot the sharpie, but still, this made me think of you.

unknown via nest

October 04, 2010

:: love warmth ::

if you love the above anthropologie look as much as i do (and i really, really, really love it) and want to try recreating it this fall/winter, check out this great coat available at salon 864. so close to the anthro version, but less than $75 (and a faux fur collar)!