October 26, 2010

:: my new shirt ::

i picked up this top a couple of weeks ago at pitaya in athens, ga and since i got home, we've had this freakishly warm october weather (yay!), so i haven't had a chance to wear it. while i'm not looking forward to the next cold snap, at least i can look forward to wrapping up in this super soft, warm and cozy shirt. my favorite part is that the draped back can double as a hoodie!

i wish the pitaya online store did the clothes more justice. every time i've been there i've found something to take home and the prices are completely reasonable.


  1. love the sweater....
    can you believer this weather...scott and i went out last nite and actually ate outside

  2. m - being a hater of the cold, i am thoroughly enjoying this late october "heat" wave. i'm able to wear my dresses and leggings and boots comfortably while still being seasonably appropriate! (normally during this time of year, i look like i'm ready for a blizzard.)