April 30, 2010

:: love, inc ::

the i.n.c. area of macy's (in greenville, at least) is an explosion of gray, yellow and white right now. i don't necessarily like all of the individual pieces, but as a whole, it looks like it was put together with my yellow/gray love in mind! (i do really like the skirt on the top row, the look beside that, and the yellow shirt & ruffled gray cardigan on the third row.)

April 28, 2010

:: pants (should be) on fire ::

these are quite possibly the worst pants ever. want to not only appear heavy in the hips but a few inches shorter than you are? jodhpur-type-poofy-hipped, pleated, cropped pants are just the thing for you!

it's like they took every possible unflattering aspect of women's pants and put them together here.or you could opt for the saggy-bottom-but-in-the-front-britches seen below.

April 23, 2010

:: chubby birdy ::

i love learning something new. i especially love teaching myself something new through research, trial & error. today, i taught/learned how to add a favicon (i also learned the word "favicon") to my blog. so i designed a couple of different ones and chose the one that stood out the most on the tab/toolbar, but it's still hard to really tell what it is. since -you- probably have no clue what you're looking at, i figured i'd post the larger image here. while i love this chubby little birdy, i would like something that's more legible, so we'll call him a work in progress.

April 22, 2010

:: a stylish morning out ::

Kelley Smith Style & Gap are hosting a style event at both the Gap and Gap Kids at Haywood Mall on wednesday, april 28 from 9-11am.

stop by for refreshments, great savings, free finger printing for your child's safety, and styling tips from Kelley Smith Style.

all merchandise (excluding denim) at both stores will be at least 25% off!
adult shorts will be 30% off, kids' shorts will be buy one, get one for $10.

click here to email kelley for your coupon.

April 15, 2010

:: bananaramalamadingdong - part deux ::

at the beginning of march i had the idea for a banana pudding inspired dessert. i promised to give it a try and post an update. here's how to make this treat, based on what i did, what worked, and what i would do differently next time. i wouldn't consider this a success (yet) but it definitely has promise. i can't really give you measurements, because i don't really measure. just make as many or as few ice cream sandwiches as you like and play the meringue quantity by ear.

i used two flavors of ice cream -french vanilla & mayfield banana pudding.
  • soften ice cream.
  • slice a banana (1/4-1/8 inch) and saute with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. let cool. reserve the butter/sugar/cinnamon liquid and some banana slices for a topping.
  • using a measuring teaspoon (or melon baller), sandwich one small scoop of banana pudding ice cream between 2 vanilla wafers and banana slices (1 or 2 slices per sandwich).
  • place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.
  • place baking sheet in freezer to refreeze. [you could just stop here and enjoy some very easy & tasty ice cream sandwiches - or continue to the meringue/baked alaska portion of the program.]
  • click here for very helpful information about making egg white meringue. read this before starting the process.
  • in a stainless steel or glass bowl (don't use plastic), beat room temperature eggs whites to stiff peaks.
  • remove firm ice cream sandwiches from freezer & cover completely with meringue, making sure the meringue meets the parchment paper lining to create a seal during the baking process.
  • return to freezer (for at least 2 hours). ice cream needs to be well frozen.
  • when you're ready to bake, preheat oven to 425.*
  • bake until meringue gets brown tips (approximately 3-7 minutes).
* i preheated to 450 and to 425 - my results were not good (because of a limp batch of meringue from adding sugar early and not using cream of tartar). you might want to start out with just a few sandwiches and see what temperature and cooking time works best.

drizzle butter/sugar/cinnamon liquid & some banana slices over the top. caramel sauce would be really good with this, too.

i don't have a picture of the finished product because mine fell completely flat (due to the reasons i mentioned above). my brother & sister (guinea pigs) said it tasted like pancakes. that's pretty much what they looked like, too. the taste was good, execution needs improvement.

April 14, 2010

:: we are blessed ::

i love the feeling of falling in love with a song for the first time. it reaches down deep. the tune is just right - you can't seem to shake it. the lyrics resonate - you knew them all before you heard them. you're falling and you know it - sometimes you might not even know why.

it happened today. i am blessed.

above all men.

if you have a day’s worth and a good word and a night’s rest after keeping the company of your friends and a woman to greet the morning with then you are blessed you are blessed above all men

if you have a garden or a houseplant is there an old man who gets by from the toil of your hands ‘cause you’re the only one who to buy his floral prints then you are blessed you are blessed above all men

if you have a minute to get it
it’s so simple if you let it
oh if you let it
oh 'cause we are blessed
we are blessed
we are blessed
lest we forget
we are blessed
we are blessed above all men

"above all men" by j. tillman

[click on the song title to hear the song]

April 12, 2010

:: the only pretty ring time ::

yesterday i decided that since i'd finally taken my Christmas wreath down (last week), i would make a springtime wreath. my original plan was to incorporate a bird or two and some soft, colorful yarn, channeling the talents of katie, the constant gatherer. i'm such a fan of her work; her pieces are super-pretty & whimsical, but somehow manage to stop just short of being too frou-frou or fussy. i knew mine would be more on the side of bland & boring, but i was willing to give it a shot...

until i came across some adorable little clay pots and decided to make a sort of living wreath.

i painted the pots blues & purples. and then i changed my mind and painted them bright "banana" yellow. added some artificial grass for a backdrop. put it all together, added potting mix & basil seeds and hung it on the front door.

and this morning i decided it needed something more - at least until the basil begins to grow - so i added some snippets of little purple flowers.

it's more granny/less contemporary, than i wanted, but it's a work in progress and i love the idea of having itty bitty basil plants growing on my front door (to be transplanted to larger pots when the time is right). and i learned some tricks for the next project!

April 03, 2010

:: pretties - pretty and charming ::




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April 01, 2010

:: a month in fashion ::

i go to them often. read about them. study, critique, admire, mock, gawk. after all this time, her pictures, his pictures, are like acquaintances. and every now and then i see the makers in motion. in "real life." they are given voices and movement and more personality than i've seen through the images.

i'm such a sap. this video almost made me cry.

partial cast of characters:

fashion photographers & bloggers,
scott schuman & garance dore

former D&G model and current vogue l'uomo fashion director,
giovanna battaglia [love!]

vogue nippon fashion director at large,
anna dello russo

french vogue editor-in-chief,
carine roitfeld

[click on images to enlarge]
photo 1: eddie newton/mrnewton.net
photos 2, 3 and 6: scott schuman/thesartorialist.blogspot.com
photo 4: via trendycrew.com
photo 5: via everydayglamour.wordpress.com