April 12, 2010

:: the only pretty ring time ::

yesterday i decided that since i'd finally taken my Christmas wreath down (last week), i would make a springtime wreath. my original plan was to incorporate a bird or two and some soft, colorful yarn, channeling the talents of katie, the constant gatherer. i'm such a fan of her work; her pieces are super-pretty & whimsical, but somehow manage to stop just short of being too frou-frou or fussy. i knew mine would be more on the side of bland & boring, but i was willing to give it a shot...

until i came across some adorable little clay pots and decided to make a sort of living wreath.

i painted the pots blues & purples. and then i changed my mind and painted them bright "banana" yellow. added some artificial grass for a backdrop. put it all together, added potting mix & basil seeds and hung it on the front door.

and this morning i decided it needed something more - at least until the basil begins to grow - so i added some snippets of little purple flowers.

it's more granny/less contemporary, than i wanted, but it's a work in progress and i love the idea of having itty bitty basil plants growing on my front door (to be transplanted to larger pots when the time is right). and i learned some tricks for the next project!

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  1. SO. DANG. CUTE. sucks that you are the creative one and i'm not.