September 30, 2010

:: pretty pale ::

these pictures make me wish i was fair skinned. oh, wait, i am. so why don't i ever feel quite this pretty, pale? must be the lighting.

September 29, 2010

:: letters home - winter at home ::

[click to enlarge]
15 Jan 1945

Dear Mamma,

How is everything back home now that you are having a little cold weather? I guess the coal in the bin is beginning to go down isn't it? I wish that I could be home to fill the hopper for you for the the rest of this winter.

Has Daddy gone hunting this winter? Don't let him forget about oiling my guns for I'll want to use them when I come home. I'd like to be using them when this week is over but it will be nearer when this year is over.

What is Walt's new A.P.O.? I know that he must have a new one for the one that Lillie sent me was just a temporary one. I'd like to write him while he is in France. Maybe I'll get to see him before the war is over. You never can tell, can you?
I wrote Aunt Clara & Uncle Gib and Eros & Billie yesterday. I'll try to get around to the others before so very long.

Tell Mr. & Mrs Caldwell & The Bighams I said "hello". Can you send Bobby's address to me? Never mind I can get it out of "the link". Guess I had better close now. My packages haven't come in yet. Maybe soon though.

Lots of love,

September 28, 2010

:: succulent art ::

love this cool vertical garden and gorgeous wreath. succulents have never look so downright pretty.


:: more inspired living ::

now this is a comfy looking & inviting sofa. really digging this room, too. a mustardy yellow in place of the orange would make this just about perfect for me!

:: inspired living ::

i love the look of this room (despite thinking that sofa doesn't look particularly comfortable or inviting). i like the peaceful palette; the modern, clean lines; the warm, worn rug; the soft, unique blinds. it's airy, neat, clean, uncluttered, but not cold.

September 22, 2010

:: a look for less ::

i read a lot of blogs. i love the "look for less" sort of posts. usually (or always) those looks are outfits. clothes. well here's a "look for less" post for shower curtains just because i happened to come across these and noticed the price differences.

top: urban outfitters - $38
bottom: target - $34.99 and $14.99

:: pretties - shower curtains ::

i'm a white shower curtain girl. i prefer the simplicity. the brightness and lightness. the clean look. but every now and then i see a non-white shower curtain that tempts me to change my ways. like these...

bed bath and beyond
daintree :: lenox simply fine chirp

urban outfitters
aviary :: 50s birdcage

September 21, 2010

:: love, love, love ::

this is an incredibly soft, understated, warm and somehow innocent way of doing over-the-knee boots which can sometimes seem so harsh and/or "working girl." i love the texture, the toe, the slouch. i love how this technically is a dressy look (it is, after all, a dress) but it looks so comfortable, casual and effortless (even the hair) without looking sloppy. i love the proportions of the tall, slim boots and legs with the shorter, baggy dress and the large hobo bag. love, love, love.

September 20, 2010

:: cool boots, warm feet ::

boots! i have a pair of knee high wedge boots i adore (partly because they were a $20 sale purchase and i've had for 3 years!), but sometimes a knee-high boot is just too cumbersome under jeans. i decided that this year i wanted a casual, lightweight, ankle boot that can be my "cold weather flip flop." my go-to, every day shoe that will also keep my feet warm and look stylish. (in years past my go-to has been a skecher slip-on - which i love for the ease, comfort and warmth but the sporty style is just too limiting.)

these are the contenders so far. i've already purchased the middle ones (maeble) and like them, but i'm going to give the other two a shot before deciding which to keep.

:: sweater? i just met 'er ::

it seems everyone's talking about and looking forward to fall. while i'm a little ready for some "new" clothes (you know, the ones that i've forgotten about or missed since they've been in a storage container since early spring), i'm just not ready for fall, yet. because fall leads into winter. and winter and i just don't get along.

but, being that these cooler mornings and the lower humidity are telling me that fall is just around the corner, i'm doing my best to embrace the inevitable. and with that comes sweater shopping. these are a few i have my eye on . i got the third one last week and am hoping that, once i try it with a complete look at home, i'll like it as much as i do in the picture here (and on the commercial that caught my eye and led me to the picture). the middle one is out of my price range, but i love it and will cross my fingers for a sale.

ann taylor loft :: uniqlo :: jc penney

update: i got the jc penney shirt and had to return it. the small was just way too big. which i might have been able to work with had it not also been a little too short for something so baggy. just not a good fit on me. i hoped for an extra small, but no luck.

September 17, 2010

:: hairday ::

i think rachel bilson is adorable (along with olivia palermo). more on both of those, later, i'm sure. for now, i'm just spreading some love for ombre.

September 16, 2010

:: yep, that's me ::

i'm not entirely sure why, but this makes me happy. from hair thursday, last week and this week:

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September 15, 2010

:: letters home - the first battle ::

[click to enlarge]

11 JAN '45

Dear Mamma,
Well, I have been in my first battle and we came out OK. In fact I didn't even have a man wounded. We waited until we were within twenty yards before we opened fire. They had already fired on us but were doing no damage. We chased them back into the schoolhouse and then went on back to camp. I suppose that they'll be waiting for us tomorrow with plenty of snowballs. We were ready for them to-day and I guess we'll have to watch our step every day as we go to the motor park. This is some war isn't it? I was wounded by a woman in the motor park yesterday. She hit me right on the side of the neck, while I was warming by the fire, with a snowball. She kept throwing snow balls at everyone until she got the worst of it.

I received your letter that Lilian addressed and Lilian's letter to-day. So far I have received no packages except the one from Lillie with my wedding ring. I went out to-night and looked for rabbits but found none and only saw some tracks. Maybe I'll find some in the morning. Tell Daddy & the rest I said "hello."

Send me Walter's A.P.O. if you have it.

Lots of love,

September 13, 2010

:: floral likes ::

two different vibes - one urban, the other romantic - but i like them both very much. the first is more along the lines of what i would normally wear, but the second is so pretty. which one best fits your fashion personality? &

September 11, 2010

:: "it happened to everyone" ::

"commending the victims to almighty God's mercy, i implore his strength upon all involved in rescue efforts and in caring for the survivors." - pope john paul II

September 09, 2010

:: indie craft parade loves ::

[clockwise from top left]
crave studio :: pony & poppy :: lily pottery ::
wingo designs :: knack studios :: our little love nest :: blue moss

these are some of my favorite pieces by some of my favorite local artists. swing by the indie craft parade to see goodies (not necessarily the ones pictured here) from these artists and many more. september 10-11 in downtown greenville.

September 08, 2010

:: the parade is coming ::

the indie craft parade is just around the corner (remember this?) - september 10-11. there'll be food & music & art (oh, my!). and it's free! just click on the link for all of the details. (like that it's in the peace center loft, 6-9pm on friday & 9am-5pm on saturday - stuff like that.) it's going to be great!

September 07, 2010

:: great hair color ::

i like the hair cut, too. (the matchy-matchy denim on denim overalls look would be hard to pull off in "real life" but looks cool & casual in the photo with the cuffed sleeves and pants.)

September 01, 2010

:: studs found & put to use ::

i finally installed my umbra conceal bookshelf! (bookshelves, actually. another was placed right above this one.) i'm going to put in 3-4 more, running straight up this tall, narrow wall in my living room. i just need to get some great looking hardback books that i'll never need to actually reach for the uppermost shelves! (or maybe i'll just get one of those cool sliding library ladders.)

once they're all up, i will organize by size and/or color, but for now, i just put some of my most special books up, including:
signed copies of post secrets
first edition (cloth covered) the little prince
first edition wind, sand and stars
first edition the prince of tides [not pictured - it's on the second shelf]
plus some shel silverstein, the secret garden and more saint-exupéry