September 01, 2010

:: studs found & put to use ::

i finally installed my umbra conceal bookshelf! (bookshelves, actually. another was placed right above this one.) i'm going to put in 3-4 more, running straight up this tall, narrow wall in my living room. i just need to get some great looking hardback books that i'll never need to actually reach for the uppermost shelves! (or maybe i'll just get one of those cool sliding library ladders.)

once they're all up, i will organize by size and/or color, but for now, i just put some of my most special books up, including:
signed copies of post secrets
first edition (cloth covered) the little prince
first edition wind, sand and stars
first edition the prince of tides [not pictured - it's on the second shelf]
plus some shel silverstein, the secret garden and more saint-exupéry

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