September 20, 2010

:: sweater? i just met 'er ::

it seems everyone's talking about and looking forward to fall. while i'm a little ready for some "new" clothes (you know, the ones that i've forgotten about or missed since they've been in a storage container since early spring), i'm just not ready for fall, yet. because fall leads into winter. and winter and i just don't get along.

but, being that these cooler mornings and the lower humidity are telling me that fall is just around the corner, i'm doing my best to embrace the inevitable. and with that comes sweater shopping. these are a few i have my eye on . i got the third one last week and am hoping that, once i try it with a complete look at home, i'll like it as much as i do in the picture here (and on the commercial that caught my eye and led me to the picture). the middle one is out of my price range, but i love it and will cross my fingers for a sale.

ann taylor loft :: uniqlo :: jc penney

update: i got the jc penney shirt and had to return it. the small was just way too big. which i might have been able to work with had it not also been a little too short for something so baggy. just not a good fit on me. i hoped for an extra small, but no luck.

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