September 15, 2010

:: letters home - the first battle ::

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11 JAN '45

Dear Mamma,
Well, I have been in my first battle and we came out OK. In fact I didn't even have a man wounded. We waited until we were within twenty yards before we opened fire. They had already fired on us but were doing no damage. We chased them back into the schoolhouse and then went on back to camp. I suppose that they'll be waiting for us tomorrow with plenty of snowballs. We were ready for them to-day and I guess we'll have to watch our step every day as we go to the motor park. This is some war isn't it? I was wounded by a woman in the motor park yesterday. She hit me right on the side of the neck, while I was warming by the fire, with a snowball. She kept throwing snow balls at everyone until she got the worst of it.

I received your letter that Lilian addressed and Lilian's letter to-day. So far I have received no packages except the one from Lillie with my wedding ring. I went out to-night and looked for rabbits but found none and only saw some tracks. Maybe I'll find some in the morning. Tell Daddy & the rest I said "hello."

Send me Walter's A.P.O. if you have it.

Lots of love,

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  1. This one really touched me...because I'm wearing that same wedding band as I type. L.E.G. to A.R.Y. inscribed inside. I'd forgotten it had been through WW2 on his finger.