September 29, 2010

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15 Jan 1945

Dear Mamma,

How is everything back home now that you are having a little cold weather? I guess the coal in the bin is beginning to go down isn't it? I wish that I could be home to fill the hopper for you for the the rest of this winter.

Has Daddy gone hunting this winter? Don't let him forget about oiling my guns for I'll want to use them when I come home. I'd like to be using them when this week is over but it will be nearer when this year is over.

What is Walt's new A.P.O.? I know that he must have a new one for the one that Lillie sent me was just a temporary one. I'd like to write him while he is in France. Maybe I'll get to see him before the war is over. You never can tell, can you?
I wrote Aunt Clara & Uncle Gib and Eros & Billie yesterday. I'll try to get around to the others before so very long.

Tell Mr. & Mrs Caldwell & The Bighams I said "hello". Can you send Bobby's address to me? Never mind I can get it out of "the link". Guess I had better close now. My packages haven't come in yet. Maybe soon though.

Lots of love,

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