September 20, 2010

:: cool boots, warm feet ::

boots! i have a pair of knee high wedge boots i adore (partly because they were a $20 sale purchase and i've had for 3 years!), but sometimes a knee-high boot is just too cumbersome under jeans. i decided that this year i wanted a casual, lightweight, ankle boot that can be my "cold weather flip flop." my go-to, every day shoe that will also keep my feet warm and look stylish. (in years past my go-to has been a skecher slip-on - which i love for the ease, comfort and warmth but the sporty style is just too limiting.)

these are the contenders so far. i've already purchased the middle ones (maeble) and like them, but i'm going to give the other two a shot before deciding which to keep.


  1. I like the first one :)

  2. i just ordered the first ones! should have them monday and will be able to choose between #1 and #2. going to take a look at #3 in person, but they're my least favorite here.

  3. Are they supposed to be loose at the ankle ?

    I'm going to have a real hard time finding shoes this fall...

  4. I found a pair of shoes yeasterday ! Yay !!

  5. i tried on the olsenboye boots this weekend. they're better looking in person than in the picture, but i prefer the look of the nine west options. the toe is narrower and the shaft not as tall. cute boots, though, and they seemed like they'd be very comfortable.

    got the nine west missfab's in the mail on friday. i like them better than the maeble - the toe looks exactly the same, but the ankle isn't as wide (yet is more slouchy) and the heel fits better. just not sure if i'll be able to find the size i want.

    what'd you get?

  6. I got these :

    I loooove Brako shoes :)


    I tried these on the other day and almost bought them. But since I only wear bootcut jeans, it would have looked terrible so I didn't.
    (anyway, suede wouldn't have been a good call for snowy weather...)