January 30, 2011

:: my weekend in photos ::

back in athens to shoot the video for corey's upcoming single, "twenty-one." from clayton street to the 8e's bar and nowhere (bar) in between.

click here to hear corey perform "twenty-one" for chattanooga's US-101.

January 24, 2011

:: my weekend in photos ::

01. the georgia theatre is undergoing construction after a devastating fire in june 2009. the remodel will incorporate incredible upgrades to the famed music venue while maintaining the historical integrity of a building that's 122 years old. grand opening summer 2011.

02. corey smith being interviewed for GAC's headline country amid the rubble and rebuilding. corey first played the theatre in december 2005 to a sold out crowd. (zac brown opened the show.)

03-04. bus and site provided by the jackson county correctional institute. first photo overlooks the landfill. it was a chilling 30-40 degrees for most (if not all of the shoot).

05-06. family photo shoot and more video footage in one of the chic penthouse suites at the hotel indigo - a beautiful and environmentally friendly (LEED certified gold) hotel in downtown athens. part of corey's upcoming album, the broken record, was recorded in the hotel's own rialto room.

07. local artist wendy hanson's fabric butterflies on display in the mercury art works gallery at hotel indigo.

as much as i was ready to warm and rested in my own home,i made a stop by pitaya to pick up a few things. (2 tanks, 2 cardigans and 1 dress.)

January 19, 2011

January 18, 2011

:: watch out, rachel zoe ::

little recap for those who might have missed the original post this stems from: i loved elements of sarah hyland and olivia wilde's globes looks - gowns, hair, make-up and accessories - but thought sarah's was too old and olivia's too young. so i did a switch-a-roo. and really like the results. especially olivia. that max azria dress is perfect on her. (or "her," rather.)

but what do you think? (try not to let my phenomenal photo editing skills sway your response!)

images via www.instyle.com

January 17, 2011

:: one thing leads to another ::

from nude dresses to flutter sleeves to long sleeves to emerald green - there was plenty of overlapping with cuts and colors (or lack of) on the carpet last night at the golden globes. i think the award for most popular trend goes to the neutral/blush-tones gowns. (there were a ton!)

:: golden globes - bads ::

i'm going to skip the obvious (helena bonham carter, tilda swinton) and move on to some of the other bads (though not necessarily worsts - see beginning of this sentence) from last night's golden globes.

i was looking forward to seeing what natalie portman wore and how she would, no doubt (right?), show off her belly. especially after this article which had some pretty good predictions. i thought. but, alas, she wants to be comfortable (okay, fine). i wasn't a fan of the look, overall - the dress seemed too short or the shoes too tall, the hair was too old-fashioned (and boring).

jennifer lopez. make-up looked great. hair was pretty simple and blah, but not necessarily bad. not like her dress with those spaghetti straps and bedazzled cape. had she lost the shawl and straps and gone with just a simple white dress, she would have been better off.

i think the moral of the story so far is that my expectations were too high. so i'll switch it up a bit and go with someone who has so consistently missed the mark when it comes to style and sophistication that she fell right into (practically last) place again last night.
when will christina aguilera lose the hideous platinum blond hair and go for something more natural that might actually complement her features and skin tone? when will someone dress her in clothes that actually fit and flatter? (though, i must admit, this is probably the best fitting dress i've seen on her in quite some time. she still just looks so...off.)

images via www.instyle.com

:: golden globes - favorites ::

so many factors to a "best of" list - the dress, hair, make-up, accessories, age, role - it's nearly impossible for me to choose just one person who combines all of those factors. but here are some of my favs from the night.

probably my favorite overall look, but not youthful enough for a 20-year-old:*** sarah hyland. unfortunately, she carried the max azria atelier dress (which i LOVE) like a young girl, not like a star. love the dress and the hair & make-up, anyway.
didn't even see scarlett johansson last night, but i came across this picture and wish i had. the own is SO hollywood to me. great hair and make-up. fresh-faced and bright. stunning.
no doubt, olivia wilde will be on many "best dressed" lists. she is hot. hair and make-up were both great. her shoes were my favorite (pity you can't see them in most shots of of her). gown was beautiful but a little young for her.*** more taylor swift than olivia wilde. then again, maybe she's younger than i think she is.*it almost seems too obvious to include eva longoria in this post. she always looks sexy and sophisticated and i considered leaving her off. but when she walked on stage to present an award, i almost gasped. even when she tripped and nearly fell, she looked terrific. this photo doesn't do her justice.
and lastly, claire danes and emma stone in calvin klein collection. i so wish i could find a photo of claire off the red carpet because this one does nothing for the color of her dress. ** here, she's little bland, but inside, the gown was brighter - closer to the color of the year - and she looked terrific in it.

emma stone is getting flack for her blond hair, but she looks so pretty with the light hair, incredible make-up (probably my favorite of the night) and this unique, short-sleeved dress. i don't think she would have pulled off the look as a redhead. i absolutely adore the lines of this gown. so simple, graceful, elegant. something about it makes me think of kate hudson's white emilio pucci and marchesa gowns (from 2010 sag awards and golden globes).

images via www.instyle.com

*udate: she's not.
**update: a little better.
*** update: making things right.

:: a timely necklace ::

January 16, 2011

:: vehicle for style ::

[click image to enlarge]

that chair! that luggage! that quilt!

January 14, 2011

:: baby (on) board books ::

these illustrated board books are such a cute idea for baby gifts. would be neat to have a big brother or sister create a book a younger sibling. maybe even an on-the-way baby. what a fun way to get a child involved in preparing and welcoming the littlest one!

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blank board books here.

January 12, 2011

:: pattern & texture ::

photos: courtney d'alesio via elle street chic

:: desired style ::

i love, love, love this look. so simple. so casual. kind of dirty and messy but intentionally so (and in a good way).

it's like cool weather (or a "me"-er) version of the below look that i first posted here.

photos: prue lewington & garance dore

:: gray street chic ::

i'm cold natured - to put it lightly. in the winter i wear layers upon layers upon layers - until i end up resembling (or at least feeling like) randy from A Christmas Story. i am not one to sacrifice warmth for fashion. i love these two cozy, gray looks for winter. the first which is more realistic for me in winter. layered and looking good!

photos: phill taylor :: kelly stuart via elle street chic

:: even more ombre ::

maggie q's ombre curls looked great at the 2011 people's choice awards. love the super rich colors and more subtle gradation. i really think i might have to give this look a shot this summer. (past ombre love here, here and here)
frazer harrison/getty images

January 11, 2011

:: oh, no ::

really? reminiscent of the clown suit jumpers we wore in middle school. 2011 = the sleeveless version. oh, no.


January 10, 2011

:: night sledding ::

i'm tempted to blame it on my gender or hormones, but the fact that i can't listen to "nightswimming" only once in a sitting and the fact that i can't not tear up when the second playing starts, well, it's not hormones. it's great songwriting. it's beautiful music and a hypnotic voice. it makes my heart hurt. in a good way.

i'm taking this song with me and going nightsledding to it.

nightsledding...deserves a quiet night...the sled found years ago...the fear of getting caught...the recklessness and snow...

January 07, 2011

January 06, 2011

:: digital park bench ::

i am not the only one

to read his blog
to love his pictures
to be inspired
to laugh at, cringe from, copy, question
to want to have a moment like that at 2:24
(i would freak! i kind of freaked a little for this perfect stranger. how cool.)


i am loving this video. it's exciting to see when some of his more recent and notable photos were captured. the moment behind the moment.

January 04, 2011

:: the sweetest sweet ::

"from the start i instantly made up my mind that you're the sweetest sweet that can be found"
- honeysuckle rose

when i think "honeysuckle" i think of a smell first, then a taste.

color comes third and it's a creamy yellow (sort of a combination of milky white and buttery yellow blossoms).

i have to keep thinking to picture pink flowers.

so it's a good thing i'm not in charge of naming pantone colors. or the color of the year, for that matter, since the official pantone color of 2011 is...honeysuckle!

the first photo (via flickr) makes my mouth water. i think i'm going to plant some honeysuckle in my backyard and let it go wild (as though i would have a choice). seems like 2011 would be a good year for that!