January 04, 2011

:: the sweetest sweet ::

"from the start i instantly made up my mind that you're the sweetest sweet that can be found"
- honeysuckle rose

when i think "honeysuckle" i think of a smell first, then a taste.

color comes third and it's a creamy yellow (sort of a combination of milky white and buttery yellow blossoms).

i have to keep thinking to picture pink flowers.

so it's a good thing i'm not in charge of naming pantone colors. or the color of the year, for that matter, since the official pantone color of 2011 is...honeysuckle!

the first photo (via flickr) makes my mouth water. i think i'm going to plant some honeysuckle in my backyard and let it go wild (as though i would have a choice). seems like 2011 would be a good year for that!

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