January 17, 2011

:: golden globes - bads ::

i'm going to skip the obvious (helena bonham carter, tilda swinton) and move on to some of the other bads (though not necessarily worsts - see beginning of this sentence) from last night's golden globes.

i was looking forward to seeing what natalie portman wore and how she would, no doubt (right?), show off her belly. especially after this article which had some pretty good predictions. i thought. but, alas, she wants to be comfortable (okay, fine). i wasn't a fan of the look, overall - the dress seemed too short or the shoes too tall, the hair was too old-fashioned (and boring).

jennifer lopez. make-up looked great. hair was pretty simple and blah, but not necessarily bad. not like her dress with those spaghetti straps and bedazzled cape. had she lost the shawl and straps and gone with just a simple white dress, she would have been better off.

i think the moral of the story so far is that my expectations were too high. so i'll switch it up a bit and go with someone who has so consistently missed the mark when it comes to style and sophistication that she fell right into (practically last) place again last night.
when will christina aguilera lose the hideous platinum blond hair and go for something more natural that might actually complement her features and skin tone? when will someone dress her in clothes that actually fit and flatter? (though, i must admit, this is probably the best fitting dress i've seen on her in quite some time. she still just looks so...off.)

images via www.instyle.com

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