October 19, 2012

:: collision ::

i got my free people catalog the other day and immediately ripped the cover page off to add to my likes & inspiration folder. loved the girl's (lou doillon) hair, the shirt, the jeans, the tattoo.  just a great look and a great picture. 

and i just came across a blog post, and learned that garance dore was the photographer.    figures i'd like it! 

click here for video of I.C.U. from lou's latest album.  i'm kind of digging it - the song and the video. 

October 12, 2012

:: brilliant music, brilliant art ::

josh garrels, easily one of my favorite singer-songwriters and performers (ever), recently unveiled the pieces of the dvd box set for his documentary The Sea In Between, filmed on mayne island, BC.  i cannot wait to get my hands on this.  check out the view finder dvd art...brilliant

images, box set art & packaging by stereotonic
click images to link directly to box set photo album