August 26, 2009

:: une fille comme moi ::

yay to finding another new potentally favorite blog! thanks to the Sartorialist for pointing me in the direction of Garance Dore where i was greeted by this picture, which illustrates what i want to look like and feel like and how i want to appear every day. (not in a literal translation - i'm not a big fan of shorts and my thighs are entirely too wide (relative to the rest of me) to wear rolled denim shorty shorts and i think that summer scarves are, while a lovely looking accessory, utterly absurd.)

but the feeling, here. the feeling, the style, the look. that's what i want. always a lover of white t-shirts, i like the rolled sleeves echoing the rolled cuffs. and the long wavy hair and the crossbody bag. i positively adore denim, white, brown and gray together! i would turn the shorts into jeans, change the scarf into some other gray something, and add navy blue (a wrap perhaps, because i always need a hoody or sweater). easy enough, right? but i wouldn't feel like i looked like this. and that's what i want.

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  1. I was stunned to see how great you look with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.