August 31, 2009

:: whether the weather ::

last night i was watching pursuit of happyness and noticed, in the section called "running" that i was very uncomfortable. i couldn't get past the fact that it was 80something degrees outside (here) and will smith was running around the city (not this city, on that day, mind you) in a full pantsuit and wasn't sweating. for all i know it was 50 degrees while he was running about and he was quite comfortable.

today - on this chilly and overcast day (yes, we've had a major temperature switch!) - i look at the following ella blue picture and i think how cold these little girls must be in their flowing sundresses and how icy that water must feel (despite the fact that the temperature was in the mid-high 70s in washington, where/when this picture was taken). i bet if i'd seen this yesterday, on such a hot august day, i'd be envious of that cool breeze blowing in from the water, wishing i could be on one of those boats.

[unfortunately, the ella blue studio is down and the photo is no longer available.]

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