August 18, 2009

:: imitative marketing ::

i was at walmart the other night and noticed that the great value ice cream cartons stood out from the black breyerses and the yellow mayfields more than usual. as i moved along and noticed that the great value magic eraser boxes looked a little more generic than mr clean's (yes, it is generic, but it LOOKED generic) and the granola bar boxes were more noticeable than i remembered them being.

and then it hit me - walmart is copying publix
and i like it.

while i don't think walmart's new packaging is as attractive as publix brand's (it looks like an incomplete thought), the general design concept is there - plain white background with a color image of the product, usually off center to the brand's name. i could go on with my assessment of the new look, but this blog i found when searching for images really sums it up, so why be redundant? though normally a lover of sans serif - of the less vs the more - in this case i agree that in the logo branding alone a little more sh/c ould have been done.

and while i'm at it - also from under consideration's 'brand new' - i love the use of windows in this packaging. very cute & clever.

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