August 04, 2009

:: the color of truth ::

"the color of truth is gray." - andre gide

i remember when i fell in love with gray. it was 1995 and i was in the greenville mall parking lot, just outside montgomery ward. i wore a silvery gray top with my favorite jeans and brown not-quite-combat boots.

years (and two silver cars) later i painted my bedroom the most perfect shade of gray and decided that nothing - and i meant nothing - would be displayed in the room unless it was a shade of gray (silver included), green or brown. i even kept my alarm clock hidden until i was able to find a silver one with green digital numbers (but, admittedly, a black screen). obsessive? perhaps. inconvenient? most definitely. that room's decor was never completed, and i've yet to let go of the idea that i can decorate my bedroom with such strict color limitations. (currently, i'm aiming for chocolate brown, gray and white. only.)

in painting my first home i have found a new perfect gray (olympic "quill"). i still drive a silver car. and now i have a pretty big crush on yellow & gray. the serene with the perky. the masculine with the feminine. the light (or a dark, rich charcoal will do) with the bright. ::

much, much more to come on these two amazingly talented people, i'm sure. i came across Oh My Deer today and was immediately hooked! like a good book, i don't want to reach the end (or beginning) of the blog. it's just that good.

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