March 04, 2010

:: bananaramalamadingdong ::

last night as i was falling asleep i thought about banana pudding ice cream that a friend had recently discovered. and i thought about turning that into an ice cream sandwich. with nilla wafers. and then i started thinking about making a whole ice cream sandwich dessert based on the traditional components of banana pudding. and i came up with this. i'm fine tuning the ingredient/method thoughts and will attempt making these sometime over the next week or so. once i've gone through the trial & error of actually making them, i'll update with what works (and what doesn't) since ingredients, methods and temperatures are all just rough ideas at this point.

barely bite sized banana pudding foster sandwich baked alaska.
("barely" because these might be huge.) we'll work on the name down the road.

soften banana ice cream. sandwich between nilla wafers. place on lined (parchment paper) baking sheet. place back in freezer.

prepare meringue (beat egg whites, slowly add sugar until stiff peaks form).

remove sandwiches from freezer. cover each sandwich with meringue, to the sheet/paper to create a complete seal. return to freezer for a couple of hours to set.

preheat oven to 425. remove sandwiches from freezer and place in oven (lowest shelf) until meringue is lightly browned.

top with caramel or bananas foster sauce (butter, cinnamon, brown sugar. rum/banana liquer if desired).

[random baked alaska photo]

* could also incorporate marshmallows. (maybe stuff sandwiches into marshmallows and roast them instead of using meringue?)
* could also add banana slices to the banana ice cream sandwich. or use vanilla ice cream with banana slices.

if you give this a shot, be sure to post comments with your successes and messes!

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