March 14, 2010

:: oh, the pictures take me over ::

2 years. the time i've lived in my "new" home. the time i've had to brainstorm ideas for the big wall to the right when you walk in the front door. i've thought of racks, shelves, paintings, collages, art wall combinations.

and the other day i thought about building a decorative bouldering wall. i needed to know if it was even possible (from a safety standpoint) and wanted to get some inspiration. so i started searching - but stopped pretty quickly when i came across these incredible images.

i really don't even have the words to describe how much i love this wall. the colors are perfect for my house. the idea is clever, fun, creative, stylish, whimsical...and functional! (and oh, how i love functional decor. LOVE.)

i am just infatuated. i have already started coming up with things i want to incorporate - including a birdcage (oh, the birdcage!) - amid some lovely white & gray (beginner) holds.

[post title from "simon in the land of chalk drawings" theme song]

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