August 25, 2010

:: love wood grain ::

i love how faux wood grain can feel sleek & modern, quirky, retro, tacky, funny, warm - depending on the use or setting. i'm planning on staying away from at least one of those descriptions, but am incorporating some nifty wood grain goodies into my house.

i recently got this stick lamp for target (on sale for $14.99 less the $5 i found in the parking lot on my way in!) and love it on my living room bookshelf. i had it for about a week before i even turned it on and i like it even more when it's illuminated.
i got some of this contact paper last year when i was thinking of doing a ceramic wood tile backsplash in my kitchen. i cut strips of the contact paper the size of hard-wood planks and put it up to see if i wanted to go with the wood tiles. (i decided to color-block paint the backsplash, instead. for now.) i'm thinking of using the leftover paper for some gift-wrapping ideas this Christmas.
this plate (an old urban outfitters find) hangs on my kitchen wall, combining my love of wood grain and cute little birds.

* i haven't actually spent the $5 i found. it's still in my back pocket, freshly laundered, and might not ever leave. feels like some sort of good luck charm to me now.

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