August 23, 2010

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31 Dec 1944

Dear Mamma & Daddy
Well I am very happy to-day for I received quite a bit of mail. I had five letters from Lillie one from each of you, one from John Gantt and a $50.00 Bond from Eastman Kodak. That is enough to hold me for awhile, however I would stay awake all night if they would keep coming in.

I don't know of anything that I can use except a million pounds in English money, which would be just a little over four million dollars, and a discharge from the Army. Seriously though if you could send some v-mail stationary and some good air mail stationary. The condition of the packages that the fellows are receiving are in fair condition but they need more than just the mailing cartons. I believe that just a little wrapping paper would make the difference.

I have bought just a couple of presents so far but haven't found a suitable box to mail them in. I hope to get them off in the near future. One of them is a little dog for Margurite and it glows in the dark. I suppose that she'll be glad to get it. I'll have to close for now but I'll write again soon. Tell the rest "hello".

Lots of love

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