August 30, 2010

:: blog likes ::

i've recently moved some blogs from the "to check out" folder to my subscription and favorites list. figured i'd share a few of them here. share the wealth and all.

one thing i look for in a "favorite" blog is the frequency of posting. i don't like to subscribe to a blog, check the feed each day or week, and not see anything new. sometimes it's nice not to have a post each day (makes the next one that much better!), but too infrequent just causes me to lose interest. (and i do keep that in mind when posting here - i try to be consistent, if not frequent. i fail sometimes, i know, but i do try.)

if you're looking for some other good reads, check out my favorites list on the right. those are the daily/weekly "musts."


  1. good ones. my new go-to blog is "a cup of joe." (

    i'm with you about the consistent updates. it's like having mail everyday! my creativity only comes in spurts, though!

  2. yes! i subscribe to 'a cup of jo,' too. after she had her baby and stopped posting regularly, i deleted her feed, but i'm so glad she's back in full force again!