October 14, 2009

:: lifting up a dreamer ::

5 years ago this week i was in california, on tour with REM. it was a dream (that i've never even thought to dream) come true. it was the perfect introduction to california - los angeles, santa barbara, berkeley and irvine. the weather was amazing in each city. (a little cold for my liking near the bay, but it complemented the overall experience.) the company was entertaining (in so many ways) and our talented southern hosts were hospitable and incredible.

there is a certain kind of night that takes me back to the rock-lined bowl in the hills of santa barbara. the night that it all hit me. the night that i took in my fortune, the music, the lights and the weight of it all like never before. we were on the eve of an election. the message was clear. the response was mixed. the inspiration heavy and i carried it with me. 5 years later, on certain special nights, i still carry it with me.

i'm loving the following pieces by alvin diec. cheerful, but not frilly. clean. uncluttered. quirky. there's a "retro" vibe about them. well, except for the fact that they echo the oh-so-current fail whale.


"lifting up a dreamer" (the fail whale) by yiying lu

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