June 18, 2010

:: help with apostrophe's's ::

apostrophes are for possessives (ownership) and contractions (missing parts of words). you do not need to add an apostrophe to something to make it plural - except when not doing so would create an actual word on its own - like more than one letter "I" (Is/I's).
it seems as though people are inclined to over-complicate writing & grammar and end up with errors because of that. it doesn't have to be that hard! just remember, in the case of apostrophes, you (usually) only need to use one if you are making something POSSESSIVE (someone owns something) or A CONTRACTION (you're removing parts of a word).
ex. Julia's blog, don't forget, y'all come back

* please note that, like most things in language, there are exceptions to these rules. these notes are extremely simplified and are intended to help clear up a few errors i see on the web & in emails on a regular basis.


  1. from one grammar snob to another, thank you. :)

  2. Yeah, what Kate said. This post makes my heart happy.