September 01, 2011

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9 march 1945

Dear Mamma,
Well here is all of one full page of v-mail coming to you. I just wish that I could send you a present but they don't have very much over here & what they have is hard to get. I'll try to bring a trunk full of stuff home when I come if I can get by with it.

There really isn't very much to tell from over here except that I haven't been able to take a bath as often as I would like to. They just don't have as many baths as they need to have. I don't believe that they have ever used as many as we have back home. I haven't shaved in about three days and I need one so I'll shave to-morrow morning. I did have a mustache and took a picture of it but I have lost the film so I am just back to where I was before. I'll have to grow another one so that I can let you see how I look with it. I suppose that I can borrow a camera and take a picture of it as I lost mine. I hope that Lillie insured mine for I would like to have it replaced some day. I'd like to have a little different one when I get another one.

I have found a couple of good movie projectors that I believe I can pick up for nothing and if I can get it home I will do just that. I will see about that to-morrow morning. Tell everything & everyone I said "hello" I'll be glad when everything is all over and I can come home again.

Lots of love

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