March 08, 2012

:: kony2012 info and actions ::

i'm so excited about the response to the kony2012 video over the past few days. the number of views, likes, shares and comments on facebook alone has been great and i can only hope and assume that the off-line conversations and awareness are growing, too.

is it important to know that your efforts - from the smallest to the largest - do and will make a difference.

if you're new to the Invisible Children world and would like more information on what the organization does and plans to do, please visit and/or take a look at the following links for much more information.

Hear from those directly affected by the LRA:
IC response to critiques of financials & efforts:
IC / Resolve / Enough Project policy manifesto & letter to President Obama:
IC's Jason Russell interview:

What next? Call on Washington:
What next? Donate to IC:
What next? Or donate to Resolve:
What next? Purchase an Action Kit and get involved on April 20:

And, of course, continue to share the video and spread the word:


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