April 29, 2013

:: canine's canine ::

i cannot stand loose teeth. once they're gone, no big deal - the bloody, gaping space left behind doesn't bother me at all. it's the dangly, wiggly tooth that grosses me out. my 7 year old nephew learned that well this past year, as he had many a wiggler that i would not let him show me. 

last night i got home from dinner and linville was acting funny - scrunching her face and licking the side of her mouth. i took a look and saw one of her canines hanging there - completely sideways. bloody and dangling. i shrieked before turning away. i know that puppies lose teeth and often just unwittingly swallow them, but this was clearly bothering her, sticking into the side of her mouth. i looked again. i cowered again. and then i went into what i can only assume was total "it's not about me, it's what's best for you" mom mode, got a rag, and pulled the tooth.

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