May 03, 2010

:: plant. bed. plantbed ::

today i came across an album of pictures from the nashville flood and amidst many sad photos of homes & yards going under water, this particular photo stood out to me because of the neat little plantBED. first of all, i love the bed itself. i have an affinity for this sort of bedframe - there's something very 'girl interrupted'-mental-institution yet country-cottage-cozy about them and i would love one (double or queen) for my guest room. but beyond that, i think the idea of re-purposing it by turning it into a plant bed is very clever.

if the water keeps rising, it might just get a third life and become a raft.

i don't know who took the picture or who that is in it, so if - by some crazy chance -you do, please let me know and i will give proper credit.

and please know that i do not want to seem insensitive to the situation there in nashville - i am deeply concerned for the people and hope that the waters recede quickly and there will be as little damage as is possible from something like this.

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