November 11, 2011

:: letters home - on veterans day ::

9 april 1945

Dear Daddy,
Well here comes a short letter from boy. He has seen an awful lot of action lately but has not exactly killed any more Germans with his own hand (that he knows of) although he has fired several rounds of 76 M.M. high explosive into towns that they were in. They mean & fired some 88 MM's back at us but they aren't so hot as they didn't hit too close. I was right up there when the 1st & 9th joined the other day. We really did some traveling too believe me. I have lost an awful lot of sleep so you will know why I am so lazy when I get home.

I have seen so awfully pretty fireworks especially the night that I crossed the Rhine. I wish that you could have seen it. I'll never forget it as long as I live.

There are thousands & thousands of Russians and French that have been freed starting on their way back now. You should see these Russians as they walk back along the road. All of them are looking for cigarette butts and I give them the pkgs that I receive in my "K" rations. The French are much nicer dressed and much cleaner. The war is over for most of them & I wish that it were over for everyone. Tell everyone hello for me. Lots of love
Arthur Jr

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