November 08, 2011

:: old thoughts ::

i keep notes. everywhere. on a dry erase board by my desk. in a notebook (or notebooks). in various programs on my computer and the internet (facebook, onenote, word, evernote, etc). on napkins, receipts, tiny pieces of paper. everywhere.

sometimes i come across old notes and they make me smile. sometimes they make me sad. i treat the thoughts like tangible objects, weighing whether or not i should hold on to them. never know when they might come in handy (again) sometime.

today i came across one from may 03 2011. was about to put it in the toss pile, but decided to bring it over here and hang on to it instead. the page title was "truths about me." i'm assuming i was going to write more, but this was all that was there.

i've lived right around the corner from a crematorium for 3 years. i just saw smoke from it for the first time last week. it grossed me out and made me a little sad.

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