August 22, 2012

:: i just want to float ::

today i thought...
       "i just want to float." 

i sent a text: "i wish we could go skydiving this evening.  i just want to float right now." 

but no could do. life must be done and there was no time (or budget) for that sort of thing. 

so i took a bath.  i couldn't think of anyone who has a heated indoor pool i could use to float my cares away in.  or on. 

and then i thought of a car ride.  thought that laying back in a seat, someone else driving, windows down...i thought that might be the kind of floating i needed.  but i ended up driving.  i wanted to. 

and then i went to a chinese buffet and had 4 plates of food.  definitely not weightless now.  

i feel better, but really,
         i just want to float. 

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