August 08, 2012

:: a sweet update ::

a complete stranger just made me cry on the phone. in a great way.

i called to find out about a riding evaluation / lesson and got an unexpected update on my beloved first riding instructor, jennifer jones, who i have not seen or heard about in well over 15 years. miss jones visited bramblewood last summer, giving her seal of approval on the former foxcroft farms. she's 80 years old, just stopped riding, and is still living in the UK (since leaving the states to care for her mother many years ago). her bright blue eyes still sparkle.

i love that the stranger thought to tell me that.

update to an update:  that same stranger made me cry again.  with this.  i can't wait to be back at this place.  it sounds like, despite the many changes to the land over the years, the spirit at Foxcroft / Bramblewood is the same.  i'm looking forward to feeling that. 

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  1. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you called today and that we'll soon get to welcome you back home to Foxcroft. This place encourages serendipity!