January 30, 2013

:: bags bags bags ::

went to grocery store since my sushi spot was closed.  didn't have reusable bags since hadn't planned on going shopping.  bagged own groceries...MY way and in only two plastic bags.  manager came over...

him:  terrible bagging job.
me:  hey now!  ha ha.
him:  bread with the milk!?  i'd fire that bagger.
me:  [thinking that there have been plenty of baggers at that store i wish he'd fired.  like the ones who put a bag of something in a bag.]  ha.  i forgot to bring my bags.  don't like using plastic.
him:  [talking about bread] want me to put that in a different  bag?
me:  [thinking no, because it's already in a bag.  it COMES in a bag.  and milk isn't going to ruin bread.]  no, thank you.
him:  [looking, cringing, at other bag] want me to double bag this?
me:  [no, dammit!]  no, thank you.  i'm good.  thank you. [leave me alone, thank you.]

pretty sure eating two heads of broccoli while your two lean cuisines are cooking at least partially cancels out the "lean" part.


let's recap this dinner...

two heads of raw broccoli
one s'more with chocolate chip stuffed marshmallow
two lean cuisines

two glasses of milk

that's about 1264 calories

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