January 23, 2013

:: come on ::

earlier today i was talking to a friend about a friend.  i won't say his name, because if i do, i have to say his first and last name (we don't know why you do, but you do), and i don't want to embarrass him.  he's a confident guy, but bursting with humility.  he also shoots a sick 3 pointer.

and he has inspired me.  not because he traveled to 11 countries in 11 months, serving others and spreading the Gospel.  and not because he then returned to one of those countries and works tirelessly there to serve, love, and disciple the youth in his community.  i greatly admire and respect and love him for those things.

but he inspires me because he says things like "God will heal me" when he's really, seriously sick.  or "as soon as i get back to Kenya, God is going to send someone who likes that stuff" when talking about the budgeting and business-y stuff that takes up so much of his time, brainpower, and heart when he could be serving in other ways.

he doesn't say, "i hope that..." or "i think that God might..." or "i know God is able, but..."  it's not the slightly-dubious-yet-hopeful, maybe-one-day kind of "faith" i tend to have.  it's FAITH.  like, it's going to happen.  period.  God says and does and is.  end.of.story.

it's so inspiring.  i want to be like that.  all the time.

i won't say his name, but here's a link to his blog. highly recommend checking it out.

then head over to the 61project facebook page for updates on how God is moving in Kenya.  www.facebook.com/61project

end of story.

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