January 31, 2010

:: an awards show junkie ::

gaga & elton john = cool surprise, good performance.

guiliana rancic's hair = so much better tonight than at the golden globes. this time you couldn't see how far back her hairline starts.

taylor swift = looks amazing. the surprise-face is getting old, but the humility and gratitude never will. "accepting an impossible dream."

beyonce = too forced. and an alanis morrisette cover?!

pink = wasn't looking forward to her performance because i assumed she'd sing a song that i'm already tired of, but it was well done. simple. i like that. but then again, i missed the very end.

best new artist = i am so excited for zac brown and all the guys - including the great folks behind the scene - for the win. they have worked really hard over the years and i hope they are soaking up every moment of this.

fergie = i would love it if fergie would one day bust out with the 'kids incorporated' theme song. that would be hilarious for us older folk.

taylor swift part 2 = i thought stevie nicks would ruin taylor's performance for me, but it was actually pretty magical. in that, taylor's magic spell made stevie's voice tolerable for a change. and by tolerable i mean almost, kind of, sort of drowned out in some parts.

3d, really? weird. maybe i'd feel differently if i had some glasses and wasn't getting dizzy from looking at the tv during this portion.

click here for a complete list of winners as they're announced.

i'm bored with this. off to do some fashion bashing.

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