January 31, 2010

:: from a couch-corner critic ::

i love awards shows - mostly for and because of the red carpet. the glitz, the glam, the horrible fashion blunders. i love the pre-shows, the show-show and the post-shows. especially at the grammys where i am likely to see people i know and where almost-anything is a little more easily accepted. the range is broader - you have rock, country, old hollywood, punk, undefined. and i love my time-honored position as a couch-corner (the best seat in the house) critic. here are some of my most notables - good or bad.

it almost seems unfair that someone virtually unrelated to the music business would win best dressed, but i think marissa miller looked hot in an easy and "effortless" way. it would have been cheesy for her to wear a gown like some of the nominees and performers.

taylor swift looked amazingly beautiful, but seemed more fitting for the oscars than the grammys. though, now that i think about it, with the exception of the obvious (lady gaga, brittany spears) and a handful of others who were more grammy-esque (the above marissa miller, miley cyrus, fergie) the women were a little less rock-n-roll and a little more sophisticated & glamorous. taylor's hair, makeup, jewelry and gown were incredible on her.

i think she's going to end up on some worst-dressed lists, but i thought katy perry looked great in this zac posen dress.

i don't love the gown (though it was much more telegenic than photogenic), but i do love rihanna's hair & makeup.

i can't believe i'm putting her on a positive list, but here's to miley cyrus. though, i'm really just looking at her - trying not to think of her voice, her dad, her age (do i even know her age?) or her teeth, for that matter - when i say that she looks great in this dress. i don't really like the cut-outs (or the jewelry), but i do like the style & shape for the occasion.

easily the worst dressed so far.

nicole kidman has always been creepy to me, but this just picture/pose absolutely takes the creepy cake.

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