January 02, 2010

:: what a ham ::

the big lump wrapped in gold foil, resting in the center of the table, could only be one thing. well, really, it could be a variety of gold foil wrapped things. but in our family, on easter or christmas (or just about any other big family gathering - especially those that included maunga lil and poppy art), is was only going to be one thing.

Honey Baked Ham. the real deal.

every time i take a bite of one of those slighty sweet, slightly salty slices of goodness, i am taken back to maunga & poppy's house in decatur. and i can't help but wish i had some lemon pepper seasoning, as that was the requisite topping for HBH leftovers.

and really, that's all this is about. i just ate a couple of slices of leftover honey baked ham (thanks to my sister for having me over for new year's dinner last night and sending me away with leftovers!) with no lemon pepper seasoning. it reminds me of that feeling you get when you walk out of your house and realize you forgot deodorant. it's not a necessity, but things just aren't the same without it.

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