July 30, 2010

:: hellow, love ::

my office is set up in what would be my dining room (if it wasn't my office). i removed the bar in my kitchen/dining room when i got new counter tops because i didn't think i'd ever use it as a sit-at bar. if i were going to have more than one other person over for dinner, he/she would have to bring a tv tray because i only have 2.

all that to say, my house is not really set up for proper (or even remotely proper) dining. as someone who loves to cook & eat and someone who loves to feed other people, this is a little strange and, at times, even frustrating. so i've been trying to come up with the -just right- solution to create a dining area in my kitchen.

and i'm getting closer.

i love the look of tulip tables. clean. simple. iconic. and while i appreciate the aesthetic of the whole pedestal group with the tulip chairs (fewer legs = less visual clutter), i like the idea of pairing the table with a less matchy-matchy, mid-century inspired chair. (this original eero saarinen set by knoll sold for $1,800-2,200)

today i decided to check in at cb2.com to see what was new, what was on sale. and a word caught my eye: "grellow." what? could it be? the description of the cool, more streamlined pedestal table reads, "our fave round...pops in our fave new grellow (grey + yellow)."

hellow, grellow!
can a color sell a product? yes.
can a color name sell a product? quite possibly.

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