July 30, 2010

:: letters home - on Christmas day ::

i made goldenrod eggs for lunch today. an old family favorite. the process, the smell, the taste - it reminds me of childhood. reminds me of maunga & poppy's house in decatur. it was almost a year ago that we lost our dear poppy art. i haven't posted a letter home in a while and thought it would be a great complement to my breakfast-for-lunch.
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25 Dec. 1944
Dear Mamma,
Well here we are having Christmas in England and I had much rather be spending it at home. Maybe I'll be able to spend the next one at home and I certainly hope so. We have a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings and the only thing wrong with it was the fact that we had to wait for the Col so long that it was cold. Everyone was mad at him.

I am on duty to-night as Office of the day and I have to inspect the guard again in a few minutes. I won't have to be on again until about the middle of January.

There was no mail again to-day but I know that I must have a lot on the way somewhere. I just hope that it begins to come in soon. I have received only one letter so far and that was from Lillie written on the 28th of Nov.

Has Elizabeth been hearing from Walt very often? I haven't written to him as yet but will someday real soon. Tell everyone hello for me & will you send Billy & Tish's new address? Will write more later. I need some v-mail.

Love, Arthur

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