July 01, 2010

:: letters home - at Christmas::

i'd thought about saving this letter home for Christmastime, but decided i would keep posting them in the order they were written and sent home.
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19 Dec. 1944
Dear Mamma,
It won't be long now before Christmas now and I suppose that by the time you get this Christmas will be over. Last night I could hear the people from the town singing Christmas carols and it sounded pretty. There must have been quite a few from the volume. I don't know whether they were singing it for us or not.

I still haven't received any mail whatever from any of you. If you will tell everyone to use v. mail it will arrive sooner. Have you sent any fruit cake or fried chicken yet? I could really use it right about now. I wrote Daddy a long letter a few days ago and I suppose he has received it by now.

I have visited Liverpool and it is a pretty nice place. I hope to make London some day and then I'll write you all about it. I tried to call John Gantt but I couldn't get him so I wrote him a letter. I should hear from him before so very long.

Can you send me some candy and cookies and ask Elizabeth to send me Walt's A.P.O Did Elizabeth get my letter to buy Lillie's Christmas presents?

Lots of love,

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