November 11, 2010

:: letters home - on veteran's day ::

i'm so grateful to all of the men and women who willingly and bravely sign up for a job that many of us couldn't and wouldn't do. i give thanks to and for all those who have served. happy veteran's day.

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30 January 1945

Dear Mamma,
Well here I am again. We are having some pretty cold weather over here with plenty of snow. Every night it snows a little more. We are quartered in an old house that must have at least thirty or more rooms. Some of the rooms have fire-places and some don't we are lucky enough to have one in our room. Of course it is still around 50° but that is much better than being outside. The people here seem to like the American soldiers an awful lot and so far there have been very few fights between our boys and them. I haven't been back to see the squire for the reason that while I was in London she called and asked us to come out to tea & Lt Nye was going to call her back after he had talked to me. He found out that I was on leave and before he could call her he was sent off on a trip and left the calling up to Lt Betts. Lt Betts said that he couldn't find her name in the phone book. Of course she wasn't called and I suppose that she felt insulted as she never called us again. I'll have to write her a letter and explain things to her I suppose. How is everything going back home at this time? I hope that I can be home with you all by next Christmas. Tell everyone "hello".

Lots of Love

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