November 14, 2010

:: air plant wreath ::

back in april i made this springtime wreath.

which is still hanging on my front door.

despite my plan to make a summer AND an autumn wreath between then and now.

today i went to the craft store to get some goodies to make a pre- and post- Christmas wreath (i have a tried & true Christmas wreath that i'll be using again this year) but couldn't really put the thought in my head together with what i was finding. so i came home with nothing. and then i had another idea.

i remembered these air plants i've had "on-deck" to purchase. do you know about air plants? i didn't, until i was in college and bought one for my dorm room. they don't need soil and only need to soak in or be misted with water once a week or so.* pretty hardy little guys that can be "planted" (put) in any sort of neat household container or nick-nack. unfortunately, they prefer warmer temperatures, so this isn't a solution for my cold-weather wreath, but i'm going to order some in the new year to use on a new spring and/or summer door hanging. here are some of my favorites from air plant supply co.

*the plant care info from air plant supply co says they should be soaked at least once a week. the info on the one i had claimed that it never needed watering (taking its moisture from the air) and so i didn't. water it, that is. and it survived. maybe in the humid south you really don't need to soak them.


  1. Oooh that sounds beautiful! If you make one - I'd love to see it! I make air plant lamps and mirrors - the mirrors you can just mist with a hose once a week and they are super happy. And yes, some will survive with VERY LITTLE watering if you live in a humid place!

  2. I think I need air plants. Maybe those could actually survive under my supervision!

    Your post(s) made complete sense! :)

  3. kara - i will definitely be posting pics (and stories) here when i make it! just took a quick glance at your store - can't wait to look more closely when i have a chance this week. thanks for the comment! would love to know how you found me here.

    kek & liz - easier than cacti!