November 03, 2010

:: letters home - winter at war ::

it's been a while since i've posted one of poppy's letters home from war and i was reminded of that yesterday when i friend emailed me, asking if i'd run out of letters or, if not, asking me to post another one. for those who enjoy reading these, i apologize for the delay in the latest episode - guess i'm just unintentionally keeping you in suspense as you wait to see if and when he'll receive his package from home!

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27 January '45

Dear Mamma,
Well how is everything and everyone back home these days? I suppose that everything is just about the same as usual isn't it? From what I can understand you have been having some pretty cold weather there. We've had some pretty bad weather here ourself and I suppose that there will be at least a couple of more months of it before spring starts in.

Has Elizabeth heard from Walt as yet? I guess he must be pretty busy by now. How many times has Capt. Sullivan been up to see you? I'd like to see him again not to mention all of the family there at home. I saw several people that I knew while I was in London. John Gantt said that I spoke to 9 out of ten people & he spoke to the 10th just to make it complete.

I haven't received any packages as yet but haven't given up hope as yet either. I have received the December issue of "The Link" but so far the January issue hasn't reached me. Tell Daddy to oil the guns again & tell Forrest to keep that one oiled too. The war looks awfully good doesn't it? Tell everyone at church "hello" for me.

Lots of love


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