December 14, 2010

:: a darling skirt & more ::

i got this skirt at zara in new york in may and haven't worn it, yet. MAY! why is it that i try something on in NYC and love it, but when i put it on at home, it fits differently or i just don't care for it anymore?i did, finally, come up with a cute outfit idea (and belt) for it, but it was a fall ensemble and it got too cold, too quickly. hoping for a warm day (in general!) so i can finally put this to use.

i don't know if the bow belt is really my style, but if it was, i would definitely order this one:
katie, the owner and creative mind behind darlingtonia moccasin company, makes some adorable leather goods and her blog has become a daily read for me. the color tones and consistency on i go by katie are incredibly appealing. she could be talking about math & football and i'd probably still check it out each day just because of her pretty photography, her clean & simple layout and the coloring she incorporates in just about every post.

if i haven't worn this skirt by this time next year, maybe i'll send it to katie so she can put it to good use with a darling(tonia) belt and great photos!

does that model remind of you denise richards?

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