December 30, 2010

:: it's a bag! it's a skirt! ::

came across this image on catalog living and had an idea.
wouldn't it be great if someone invented a tree bag that doubles as a tree skirt? the bag would be made of pretty, decorative fabric so that when the tree is standing there and the bag is not pulled up around it (as it is in this picture), you have a lovely little tree skirt, falling around the base of the tree. it would be full enough to drape and cover as needed. then, at the end of the season (or earlier or later, depending on your patience and preference) you could just pull up the skirt-bag, like in this picture and haul the tree (perhaps even with decorations in place!) into storage.

to all the many, many inventors reading my blog: please feel free to take this long as i get my own, free, custom made version when they hit the market!

update: ok, so i'm not exactly the first with this general idea. but what's in my head is better than what's out there. it'd be kind of like this, but pretty and not disposable. or like this, but attractive and fuller. and not as expensive.

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