December 03, 2010

:: deck the halls ::


  1. so pretty! is that your house? i love it! i've never done the themed tree thing, b/c we only have about twenty ornaments as it is and they are a hodgepodge of everything since 1982, but i do love the idea. maybe if we ever had a second tree...

  2. yes, kate. thanks! i made the wreath a couple years ago - my first Christmas in my "new" house. the inside has just sort of stemmed from that. i don't like to be too "theme-y," but love the colors in a peacock feather, so i let that be my guide. everything you see on the mantel is there year-round except instead of mini-ornaments in the vases, i have pebbles (and only one vase).

    i like to add one or two new things a year so i can keep the color scheme i love, but not be too over-the-top with decorations! (i'm not a huge fan of storing and shuffling seasonal decor around.)